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How to Become an Poll Worker

Frequently Asked Questions:

  •           If you, or someone you know, are interested in working an election, just print and complete the following linked application. Then either mail the application, or bring the application in person to our office. You may also contact your state and local political party representatives and let them know that your are interested in becoming an election worker.

    Election Worker Application

    Student Election Worker Application

  •       On Election Day, all polling locations are required to have a minimum of three poll workers: a judge, and alternate judge, and one clerk.

          During Early Voting there are early clerks, testing board members, and early voting ballot board members.

  •       Yes. Bilingual poll workers and needed in all elections.
  •     The hours and schedules of a poll worker are subject to change, depending on the type of election that is being held, and what changes have been made to the Election Code, during legislation.

  •       Yes. You must be a registered voter in the county of Lampasas.
  •       Election Day Judges are paid $11 per hour.

          Election Day Clerks are paid $10 per hour.

          During a Primary Election, the pay is different, as the pay is decided by the county political parties.

  •       Yes. To be a poll worker, in-person training is mandatory. In-person training is held in the elections office. There is online training that can be done on the Texas Secretary of State's webpage. 

Mailing Address:

Lampasas County Elections Office

407 S. Pecan St., Suite 102

Lampasas, TX 76550