Texas Counties Deliver

Ballot By Mail

  •  A person qualifies to vote by mail if they are:

       65 years of age or older on Election Day


       Confined in jail

       Will be away from their county on Election Day and during the hours that Early Voting is being conducted.

  •       To apply for an ABBM, a voter may go in-person to our office and request an ABBM.

          A voter may choose to take the application home to complete, then mail their application to our office.

           • A voter may also choose to complete the application in-person at our office, and turn the application to the Deputy Elections Administrator.

          A voter may also choose to print off an ABBM, (links available below), complete it, and return their application by mailing it, or return the application in-person, to our office.

          A voter may request to have an ABBM mailed to them to fill out, and send back to our office.

          A voter may NOT return another voters application for ballot by mail.

    Application for BBM (English)

    Application for BBM (Spanish)

  • Q: When may a voter that qualifies for an Annual ABBM submit their application?

         A: Voters may begin to submit Annual ABBMs on or after January 1 of the calendar year in which the voter wishes to receive ballots. [§86.0015]

    Q: How long is an Annual ABBM valid?

          A: An Annual ABBM is valid from the time the early voting clerk receives it until the end of that calendar year, or until the voter submits a change in registration information. Thus the Annual ABBM expires on December 31 of the year in which it was submitted, regardless of when it was submitted to the early voting clerk. [§86.0015(b)]

    Q: May voters submit an Annual ABBM anytime throughout the calendar year?

          A: Yes. Voters may submit an Annual ABBM anytime during the calendar year. [§86.0015(b)] However, an Annual ABBM must be received at least 11 days before the first election in which the voter seeks to request a ballot by mail. [§84.007(c)]

    Q: How does a voter know that the elections office received their ABBM?

          A: A voter can track the status of their ABBM or ballot by entering in their voter information on the Mail Ballot Tracker website, provided by the Texas Secretary of State Office.

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